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Egg white is recognized as being more allergenic than egg yolk. Egg allergy is very common in children, mostly they lose their egg allergy when getting older. The allergen can be present as an ingredient or as a contamination in raw and cooked products. According to the regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011 from egg and products thereof must be declared on food labels. Similar regulations exist e.g. in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Egg white contains 9 – 11 % of protein. Four main allergenic proteins come to 80 % of the egg white proteins. These main allergens are ovomucoid (11 %), ovalbumin (54 %), ovotransferrin (12 %) and lysozyme (3.5 %). The allergenic potential of the proteins present in egg yolk is only moderate.


  • Combining the detection of ovomucoid and ovalbumin in one kit (most suppliers two different kits).
  • Specificity: no cross reactivities have been observed in a wide range of matrices (97) and especially no cross reactivity to raw or cooked meat of chicken, turkey hen, pork and beef.
  • Collaborative study (18 different laboratories) for egg white in wine resulted in recovery between 88 – 100.5 % (red wine) and 70.4 – 86 % (white wine).
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