FAST Soya(RIDAスクリーン)

製品コード: R7102


  • 測定対象

    アレルゲン > 大豆
  • サプライヤ

  • 測定原理

    ELISA法 > ELISA迅速
  • 保管温度

  • 毒劇物情報


Soya proteins can be present as an ingredient or as a contamination in raw and processed products. According to the regulation (EU) No. 1169/2011, soya must be declared on food labels as it can induce allergic reactions. Similar regulations exist e.g. in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Soybeans (mature seeds, raw) contain approx. 35 % proteins. Therefore, soya is one of the few plants which are considered as a valuable source of proteins. Thus, soya is widely used as substitute for proteins from animal sources (e.g. in tofu, soya milk or soya yoghurt). Besides the high protein content, soya beans are also rich in fat (approx. 20 %) and are used for the productions of oils and fats. The usage of soya as food and feed has strongly increased in the last decades.


  • Measures soya protein from native and processed food.
  • Easy to use, quantitative test for soya detection in food samples.
  • Rapid results (25 min sample preparation plus 30 min test).

Watch our video tutorials on sample preparation and test procedure with RIDASCREEN®FAST Soya:

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